Thursday, December 07, 2006

The worst possible outcome......

Just to follow up on the story of the bay area man and his family that were stranded in the Oregon mountains this past week. Yesterday's news reported that wife Kati and her two daughters were rescued and found safe inside their car. A frantic search ensued for husband James who just a day or so earlier left his wife and kids searching for help. James Kim was said to be wearing two pairs of pants for extra warmth, running shoes, a sweater and only a jacket. He faced treacherous weather conditions and freezing temperatures during the day and evening times. The last I heard yesterday the search had not ceased and a sense of urgency filled the whole region of the state. Unfortunately today, the search ended when authorities found James Kim's body almost exactly a mile away from where his wife and daughter's were rescued a day earlier. Autopsy will be out later this week with cause of death results. This is so sad for many reasons. A wife loses her husband, two little girls will grow up without their father besides them, but mainly the circumstances to how his life ended. Rest in peace James Kim.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Missing Bay Area Man.....

Three out of four family members from San Francisco are now safe and recovering in a hospital today after a grueling nine days in the frigid Oregon snow. The Kim family from the bay area were on vacation in the rugged Oregon coast this past week when their car slid off the road and got trapped in an embankment. Father James, wife Kati and daughters Penelope and Sabine were trapped in the car before James Kim a Senior Editor from San Francisco based company CNet Networks decided to leave his family and go seek help. Late yesterday Oregon officials found the three remaining members of the Kim family by the "ping" noise of Kati Kim's cell phone. The three are said to be in good condition just malnourished and scared. James Kim remains to still be unfounded. As the search continues, time and the harsh Oregon conditions factor in to be the deadliest foe. The weather is said to dip into the low 20's at night and peak in the low 30's by day.

Monday, December 04, 2006

C'mon Buddy.......

Throughout all the trials and tribulations that we all go through in our everyday lives when does it make it okay to murder someone? Honestly, no matter what background we're from or where we've been in life, the bible says that," thou shalt not kill". Hmmm. Not even once in our lives, not even on our birthday?? Never, ever are you allowed to murder someone. It's not even okay to unintentionally kill someone. The ramifications of that are still severe from the eyes of our great nation and states. You intentionally/unintentionally kill someone and you will pay.

This douche bag here, well his name is Minh Phu Le and last week Le decided that he was going to take the life of somebody. Well not just somebody but his own daughter. This guy is a super, big pussy in my book! For whatever reason that is still to be determined by San Jose Police, Le poisoned his own two year old daughter before attempting to end his own life by taking an unknown amount of pills. Police received a call late Friday night, that a girl lay in front of her apartment complex in east San Jose. Police and firefighters arrived at the scene and witnessed the father and daughter both motionless but only Minh Le unconscious. His little girl was pronounced dead at the scene. What conceivable notion would lead a father to harm and kill his own flesh and blood. Minh Le's daughter was only two years old and now will never be able to know what it's like to enjoy a wholesome and healthy life. Well, chances are strong that the two years she was alive that life wasn't too promising living with this guy. Neighbors remembered Mr. Le as a distant, un-approachable man that was heard constantly yelling and screaming at this wife and daughter. A life less ordinary I would call it. He'll get his in prison and I hope will be sentenced with the strongest penalties that warrant a crime of this magnitude. I just hope his wife and her family can cope with the loss.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Top 3 of all time!!
In no particular order here they are..

The Cosby Show had more significance on society then the other two shows I have chosen for the simple fact that there was never a television show that depicted an African-American family as highly educated, upper middle class and financially secure until that point in the 1980's. Never before did I see a television show that had any minority doing well in life or as a stable fixture in our society. Bill Cosby played Dr. Cliff Huxtable, a pediatrician and Phylicia Rashad played his wife Claire Huxtable who was a lawyer and along with their family which lived in New York City. The show touched on the strength of a black family while they go through all the trials and tribulations of life, all the while in a predominantly white world. It broke many racial barriers in our society that wasn't used to seeing an African-American family in that light. It brought to our country's attention that not only black, but Latino, Asian and other families were no different then yours or mine. It opened many minds and hearts along the way.

The Top 3 of all time..continued!!

In no particular order here they are..

GI Joe did more for me as far as my whole thought process on good versus evil, then any other film, movie or show on television ever made. It taught me that no matter how smart and dynamic Cobra Commander, Destro and all the other goons were, good would always prevail over evil. Always!!Sure, I had my doubts some afternoons watching the show alongside doing my homework. But no!! They proved me wrong time and time again. At that age my imagination was wild and anything put in front of my face about fighting and tanks that was remotely entertaining and interesting I gobbled it up. Something about sure things put my mind at ease. It made me so confident in our armed forces that anytime the real Cobra were to come around, our military would handle it just like in the cartoons. Yes, I really thought there was a real evil force named Cobra. Ah the stupidity of youth.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Top 3 of all time..continued!!

In no particular order here they are..

The Wonder Years, was by far the most influential television show for me while I was growing up. It hit home with me on so many levels. Kevin Arnold and I were two of the same, except he was on television and played by Fred Savage and I was an Asian kid growing up in San Jose. But it didn't matter. I could relate to pretty much everything Kevin felt, said or did. It was weird, because while the show was on the air, I was very close to the age that Kevin Arnold was, so I felt in many ways it resembled my life. C'mon now, everyone has had their "Winnie Cooper" at some point in their adolescence. The one you had, let slip through your fingers, and now she's with some other jerk, girl while growing up. Wow, I haven't thought of this show in years. It really was apart of my weekly routine along with homework and soccer practice. Although it was based in the late sixties and early seventies, with all the historical events occurring then. I never experienced anything like that in the eighties but to me it just seemed like all young boys who weren't the jocks, weren't the most popular kids, and the ones who made a ton of mistakes had a little Kevin Arnold in all of them. For me there were so many character resemblences to my family. Loving and caring mother, uncommunicative father(not anymore)oldest sister, middle child brother and then me. My sister at the time was going to college and discovering life outside the family unit. Older, middle child brother and I had our little tiffs growing up, but he never was the bullying type like Wayne on the show. Yeah, I FRICKEN LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!

Not Howard Stern Please.....

I consider myself to be a pretty normal guy. I like the same things that most males my age are into. Music, TV, cars, watching things get smashed to pieces, The Ladies!! But I've never been a huge fan of Howard Stern. Don't get me wrong, I've listened to my share of his show(some of it's pretty funny) and have seen the movie he put out a while ago. But for some reason or another I don't even like the guy, let alone can I say I'm a fan of his. I'm all for women undressing themselves and wrestling in kiddy pools of jello and running around naked. Hey, no ones twisting their arms to be there, so I say let them do what they want. But I guess the other idiotic stuff he does, I just don't care for. He demeans people to point where they are brought to tears for the sake of his and the listening audience's entertainment. He makes people do stupid stunts for lame prizes while being ridiculed the entire time. Seeing others at their worst maybe fun and pure enjoyment for some, but not for me. The celebrity interviews he conducts don't really effect me. Because honestly, I dont' s give a shit about celebrities. They're only on there for the publicity and they know what they're getting into before hand, so screw them! He's done wonders for other shock jocks that are trying to make names for themselves by pushing the envelope as far raunchiness and the numerous times he's fined by the FCC for vulgar behavior. For the sake of entertainment, Howard Stern definitely has established himself as the"King of all Media". But I'll still pass for a good football game anyday.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A southern california weekend......
This past weekend my girlfriend and I drove down to LA for a relaxing and much needed getaway.Having not been there for a few years it took me a while to remember that I was deep in the media capital of the west coast. Driving down Wilshire Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles, i saw all the major news and tv stations stairing straight at me. Fox, CBS, ABC were all there. I wasn't sure if i saw NBC, i think they're in Burbank if i remember correctly. Oh well, it didn't matter. A little bit further down the way, Playboy magazine's headquarters was right in my face. Well not literally, but i could see it pretty clearly. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend that brought back alot memories for me. I only lived down there for a year, but it was a memorable one at that. LA is somewhere i would choose not live if at all possible but to visit, it rocks!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Kite Runner...By Khaled Hosseini
Is This Propaganda?

Can an author promote something that is nonsensical and biased to a group of readers who are primarily unaware of any goings on in this particular part of the world? Sure with the war in full bloom we as Americans are all in tune with the people of Afghanistan and their everyday troubles......Yeah right!!The middle east remains a mystery to me and to many others like me.

The Kite Runner is book about a young Afghan boy who leaves his native country to come to America and start a new life only to one day receive a phone call from an old friend, named Rahim Khan. The phone call rehashes memories of a home that he left behind many years ago, memories that he would soon rather forget. The main character in this fictional novel by Khaled Hosseini is named Amir. Amir is haunted by a past that is filled with sorrow and sin. He was born in the Afghan capital of Kabul where he lived with his father, a wealthy and influential member of the city. What Amir's father had in money and power he lacked in love and commitment to his son. As the book plays out, all Amir is searching for is his father's attention, praise and love. Amir's best friend in the novel is named Hassan. Hassan and Amir grow up together and are virtually inseparable. Through the classification system in Afghanistan, Hassan is seen as lower class because he is Hazara. Hazaras are the definite minorities in Afghanistan because they are Shiite Muslims and not Sunni(The Majority Muslims). Therefore all their lives Amir has looked down upon Hassan and ultimately taking his friendship for granted. Hassan was known to do anything for Amir. Amir talks about the differences between the two in class, wealth, and educational levels and how the two should never cross into each other.

The year is 1975 and the government is taken over by a coup ordered by the king's cousin and the city is frantic with fear. Afghanistan is set to be turned into a republic. Ali, Hassan's father rushes to the boys to make sure they are secure and ok. Even this little show of affection makes Amir warm inside and ever more jealous of Hassan for what love he receives. Later Amir's father, Baba, joins the three and caresses the two boys to Amir's delight. Such simple love and affection is all the boy craves and is overjoyed in this time of uncertainty. Oddly enough, Baba and Ali grew up under very similar circumstances then the two boys now. Through tragedy they were brought together and grew up side by side, but distances apart due heavy prejudice between Muslim classes. Ali also born into the Hazara class, had congenital deformities that scarred his face all his life. So along with being tormented for who he was associated with, he also received heavy taunts for his face and scars.

In Chapter 7, an event occurs that gives this book its title. An annual event that has the children from Kabul and other various districts all coming together for the kite flying competition. Amir has come close in recent years and Baba expresses his confidence in him that he can win it all this time which gives Amir all the incentive he needs to pull through. Hassan meanwhile is the best Amir has ever seen at kite flying. His control and trust in the kite to do whatever he wants it to do is simply amazing to Amir. The day of the contest is here with people sitting on roof tops, sipping tea and listening to Afghani music before the start of the competition. With Amir holding the strings and Hassan feeding him from the reel, the two are victorious in this year's tournament. All his life Amir was searching for his father's love and finally acheived something that was worthy of it. His plan was to go home and bring the blue kite that was used in the victory and present it to his father, but first Hassan had to go fetch it and was to meet him at home as soon as possible. On his way home Amir was bombarded with envious people congratulating him on his big accomplishment which in turn made him take longer to get home and to Hassan. Upon coming home, Amir asked Ali where Hassan and his father were. Ali, not knowing where either were recammended he go search for Hassan while Baba surely will be home soon. What happens next is something that will haunt Amir for the rest of his days. He finds Hassan in an alley trapped by the bully in this novel named Asseff and his two Pushtan(Upper Class) friends. Earlier in the novel Amir and Hassan were confronted by the three only to have Hassan step up and fend off the three potential bullies. Now is different story. The whole novel Amir and Hassan are together but when called on the fact that Hassan is Hazara, Amir never comes to his friends aid or sticks up for him. This time would put that life long attitude to the test. Assef calls Hassan to give him the blue kite, but Hassan refuses, Stating," he ran it down, so it's Amir's fair and square". Assef and the two other boys end up raping Hassan with no help at all from Amir. His so called friend Amir, crouching there behind the alley so as he couldn't be seen, never did anything to save Hassan. Later, after the ordeal was over and Amir and Hassan meet back at their home. Amir asks," where were you?I've been looking all over for you."Amir takes the kite from Hassan and is greeted by his father with all he's wanted his whole life, a loving hug and his admiration.

In the chapters to come, the incident was never discussed from that day on, Hassan, was to never smile again. He lived his life without feeling any enjoyment from life due to that moment after the kite flying tournament. Amir on the other hand is riddled with guilt now. The sorrow he feels turns into shame as he starts to distance himself from Hassan. The years to come see the Russians invade Afghanistan, Baba and Amir have left for Pakistan and then on to the United States where Amir settles in San Francisco. The tone of the book clearly has you sympathizing for Hassan, for all his love and loyalty gets him is a friend who looks down on him and doesn't help when it's needed most. Throughout the agony and sorrow the book brought to my attention, it seems the Afghan people are no different then anyone else. Everywhere else in the world people use tactics and words to gather minds on their side's. This book used a sad story and you just couldn'e help feel for Hassan while I grew contempt for Amir. What struck a cord with me was the differences in social class in Afghanistan that was brought up. Pushtans as the upper more sophisticated class and the Hazaras, the poor, servant class. Propaganda in this book was suttle but i choose to think that it influenced my thinking towards social and religous prejudice, and the classing system in middle eastern countries.

Golf Magazine.... Who does this magazine really cater to???

As a beginning golfer I try and look past all the stereotypes that cloud around this very intriguing and dynamic sport. A sport that was birthed as a gentleman's game that only the wealthy and Caucasian could ever have a chance at playing. I'm trying to get past the fact that there are so many damn little rules and regulations that really take away from the fun factor of it all. Why can't someone of average height and skill level who has a decent swing go out and wear whatever he wants just to hit and practice?? Now that bothers me, but I'm getting over it. Why am I getting over it, because I'm realizing that no one person, no particular golf course, or no funny pair of pants is gonna keep me from hitting that perfect shot. That shot that at the point of contact just feels and sounds right. Without any formal lessons, I've gone out to hit with one useful tool under my belt. Golf Magazine!!!! The most helpful instrument for golfers of all skill and performance levels, even the one's who are opposed to wearing shirts with sleeves and
yelling FOURRR after every mishit.(WHICH HAPPENS QUITE OFTEN)

I have a copy of August's issue and begin to cruise the magazine for any tidbits or content that I might find interesting. As I stated before I still have reservations about the the games seemingly endless counts of etiquette and rules. What I'm looking for is, who is this really written and addressed too? What type of reader is this magazine trying to communicate with?

Page after page of tips, ideas and practice motions, I've come to realize that this magazine is more travel agent tucked into a 130 page magazine then anything else really. More destination advertisements with agent's and hotel phone numbers to book that exciting golf getaway was more abundant then any practice tip or golf product. Golf is big business and it's getting it's message out to the younger generation more and more every year, but you'll have to bear with the fact that this game is still predominantly played by older folks. People who can spend that money to go away for a week and play everyday and stay at the fancy resorts and have the steak and lobster for dinner. I also noticed that all the pictures they used when showing visual demonstrations had all caucasion men as their models. Actually the only minorities I saw in the whole magazine were Tiger Woods(African-American & Thai Heritage) and Michelle Wie(Korean-American) That has to change!